This Is More Than Music. This Is What We Believe In.


Fredag den 13:e is a scandi-core institution based in Gothenburg, Sweden. This band has been around for about a decade now and their sounds resonates with influences from the last 30 years of rock music.
Their metal infused crust-hardcore punk sounds range from fragments of Gothenburg death sounds made famous by At The Gates, followed by raging d-beat and crust (think of Tragedy, but also some other d-beat monsters) . All mixed with a rock’n’roll feeling that reminds of Poison Idea, with heavy hardcore breakdowns on top.
Lyrics are deep and charged with a message about society and politics, with no clichès.
Comes in an elegant gatefold cover, with a 50×50 poster. A wild beast of pure scandinavian sounds, for all the metalheads and the punks out there!