Jaguero release “All I Think About,” the second single from the upcoming EP

Italy’s Jaguero are back with new music, creating the soundtrack to this scorching summer. After “New Love,” title track from the new EP out on Epidemic Records, it’s the turn of “All I Think About,” a track that brings the balances back within the band’s sounds, after the knockout hook unleashed with the very powerful “New Love.”


“All I Think About” features elements fans of the debut EP “Worst Weekend Ever” loved but also many new ideas, which blend spontaneously and convincingly into a captivating track.

Fans of the band will rejoy to the news: The new EP “New Love” and its predecessor “Worst Weekend Ever” will be released in a stylish version on colored vinyl limited to 300 copies, curated by Epidemic Records, which is taking care of pre-orders in these weeks: https://www.epidemicrecords.net/store/20-preorder/

Regarding the single, the band explains in detail what “All I Think About” represents to them:
“This song is a reflection on the challenges of adult life and the lingering influence of our adolescence as we grapple with the complexities of growing up, moving on and finding our place in the world.
This single tells of the experiences that shaped us during our adolescence, acknowledging the struggles and uncertainties of that time, while also emphasizing the sense of possibility and excitement that comes with youth and discovery.
The lyrics show two vivid images: our more childlike side, which does not want to grow up and faces everything head-on, and our adult side, which tries to forget the child that will always be inside us.
This song is a dive into our experience, emphasizing the importance of embracing our past while looking to the future with hope and optimism. It speaks to anyone who has ever felt the weight of adult responsibilities while still cherishing the memories and dreams of their youth.”

“All I Think About” is available on all major digital platforms: https://beacons.ai/jaguero
The EP will see the light of day in September. Preorders of the vinyl will continue until the release and include 4 exclusive bundles.

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