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Epidemic Records is an independent record label with a European and Worldwide reach, based in Brescia (Italy).
The embryo of the project was conceived around 2003 – 2004, but the first activities as a small label began in 2005. Years of hard work saw that small seed grow into an active and passionate record label.
Epidemic Records has worked with bands and artists from Italy, Europe and North America throughout these years. In the same way, collaborations with other labels, booking agencies, distributions, record shops, mailorders, managements, event promoters, PR and media partners have been established in years of activities and presence in the underground music world.

Born and raised in the underground punk and hardcore scene, with an eye for all alternative music, we grew up believing in DIY (Do It Yourself, or better, Do It Together) as funding ethics behind our work.
Respect, trust, and the desire to build something together are funding principles for us. All this still represents the core of Epidemic Records after all these years.

Epidemic Records’ slogan is pretty clear: “This Is More Than Music. This Is What We Believe In.”

If our vision is your vision, get in touch. Together, we’re going to do something amazing!

For any questions, get in touch: epidemicrecords(at)hotmail(dot)com

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