REGARDE release “Wide Awake”, first single out of their new album “The Blue And You”

Italian Emo/Indie punks Regarde are back with their second full length, “The Blue And You”. The announcement comes with the first single out of the album, called “Wide Awake”.

It’s an intringuing song, emotional and melodic; a catchy tune which finds its perfect balance in the harmonies of its guitars and the long-paced rhythm of the drums, while the soft vocals resonate in the echoing rooms of this killer single.
This preview gives a taste of the hard work in the songwriting and the care for details in the studio process, which sees Bob Cooper, music producer from Leeds, UK as a director of this “orchestra”.

The single opens the Preorders for the vinyl edition, which is coming out in January. A cooperation between Italy’s Epidemic Records (previously at work with Regard with “Leavers”, an LP which demonstrated the great talent of this band) and the German label Through Love Records is making “The Blue And You” available in two different colors, for all music lovers and collectors.
Preorders can be done here: or here:

“The Blue and You” is a 10-tracks record that talks about the unavoidable struggle within yourself, those moments when you finally face the “Blue” buried deep inside of you. Anxiety, concern and sickness are part of who you are, a projection of your being. Even if sometimes its weight is unbearable, the “Blue” keeps growing inside you, shapeshifting itself into the face reflected in your mirrors, polluting every corner of the places you live in, until you finally get face to face with it, embracing who you are.

Sound wise the record is all about vibe. A perfect bass driven vibe combined with beautiful guitar melodies and catchy hooks. Imagine 2015s Turnover (“Peripheral Vision”) combined with the drive of Title Fight and much of Italian “anima and amore” added and you get the sound of Regarde.

A great return from this young band, which has already built its own beautiful identity.

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