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Jaguero release New Love EP and collect their discography on vinyl

Italy’s Jaguero return with a new EP, titled “New Love,” out digitally Friday, Sept. 29, on Epidemic Records, which is concurrently releasing a limited edition on colored vinyl that includes the debut EP (Worst Weekend Ever) and the new EP, bringing Jaguero’s music to physical format for the first time.



After garnering acclaim with their debut EP “Worst Weekend Ever,” Jaguero (a band born from the collaboration of members of bands such as Regarde, Slander and La Fortuna) have consolidated their creative and musical identity in a new concentrated 5-track EP, which includes elements of recall with the predecessor and points of break and opening to new horizons, making the organic of their discography, as of today available on “self titled” vinyl, varied and solid at the same time.

New Love EP has a specific direction in the evocative imagery created by the band. In the hustle and bustle of daily life, where routine becomes the norm and responsibilities overwhelm us, we often get lost in the labyrinth of our memories. It is in these moments of reverie that Jaguero’s EP “New Love” comes to life, offering a simple soundtrack to the existence of the common man. This EP, the second chapter in the band’s musical evolution, delves into our human experience, where emotions are intertwined with the present.

On this new release, the band adds:
“The New Love EP is another small collection of songs about the narrative of life’s ups and downs. Each track resonates with our own experiences, offering a glimpse into the average human being. Thanks to Epidemic Records, the New Love EP will be promoted in the United States and Europe, carrying one simple message: as life swells and recedes, we will constantly improve and become better ourselves.”

You can listen to the EP and order the vinyl at this link:



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