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15% OFF Everything and Important statement about COVID19

Dear Friends,
Gab from Epidemic Records here. Some (sort of) bad news and (definitely) good news:
The “bad” ones first: I’ve been thinking a lot about this in the last couple of days and due to the serious situation and the measures to contrast the spreading of COVID19 over here in Italy, I’ve decided to


Epidemic Records E-store:

As you know, Italy is on a full lockdown to contrast the spreading and hard measures have been taken in order protect people from the virus. The danger is real, it’s not to be underestimated.
I’ve considered concentrating them on one single day per week (express courier pick up) and to stop only those from the post office, but I think it’s better to avoid any unnecessary exposure for people working in logistics and for myself in these days.

Many people can’t work from home and they still have to drive around, pick up parcels, process them… and I don’t want to be the reason for them to be working in these risky conditions.
Records and merch are cool, but they can wait and I assume that if you follow Epidemic Records and its spirit, you understand and agree with my decision.

Now the good news:
to thank you for your patience and to cheer you up in these “hard times” (quote), I’ve decided to give you the chance to use the code FUCKCOVID19 until April 3rd. It means you’ll get 15% OFF your order!

To sum it up: everything is 15% OFF with code FUCKCOVID19, but it will be shipped out when the emergency will be over (theoretically from April 3rd, but it all depends on how it goes).

This being said: if you live in Italy, you already know what’s going on.
If you live abroad, here’s some friendly advice.

Don’t underestimate the problem.
The virus spreads rapidly, it’s no ordinary flu. Whoever says it is doesn’t know what they’re talking about.
Avoid crowded places, keep your distance, don’t shake hands, don’t touch your mouth, nose or eyes, wash your hands frequently and deeply.
It’s very dangerous, not only for the elderly and those with health conditions, but even for the young. Patient 1 in Italy was a very athletic 38 year old man. He’s been on BLS for 2 weeks and he’s just recently got off his ventilator.

If you have time to kill, all Epidemic Records releases are available on all digital platforms. Bandcamp collects all of them here:

Thanks for understanding, I’m sure one day we’ll be able to go back to our normal lives and joke about, for example, the fact that of all the names that I could pick for my label, I chose this one!

Be safe out there!
Gab // Epidemic Records

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