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Rest In Peace Calvin, singer in Grand Collapse.

Hello friends of Epidemic Records.

This is Gab. It took me a few days to write this.

Sadly Cal, lead singer of Grand Collapse, left us suddenly about ten days ago. The news came as a shock.

Many of you have shown your appreciation for his band and I felt it was only right to let you know.

Below is the text of a post I made on social media when I received the news, Perhaps it will help you understand how special Cal was.

If any of you had pre-ordered the second pressing of Grand Collapse’s “Empty Plinths”, which we announced just a few days before his passing, I’m getting in touch with the other members of the band and with TNS Records and Dusty Wax, the other labels involved in this reissue. As soon as we figure out what’s going to happen we’ll give you updates. In the event that it all blows up, I will proceed to refund any preorders placed.

Thank you for your attention and understanding.



I’m devastated by the sad news I got today. I’m writing this from the bottom of my heart and it feels so absurd to address this today. I’m still in shock and I can’t believe it.

I met Cal in Berlin back in 2013. I was on tour and he was on tour with Grand Collapse. We met at the venue and realized we had several mutual friends, but most importantly, that we came from the same tribe. I was absolutely impressed by his band and their live performance. We became friends that night and we kept in touch.

He booked me in Bristol in 2015 and I stayed at his place. I remember that day as one of the best on that tour.
He asked me “Do you want to drive or walk to the venue?”. He said it was pretty close so I thought it would have been nice to go on a walk and chat along the way. It was, in fact, quite distant, especially when carrying a guitar case, but maybe it was a short distance for his giant steps. “Typical Cal” I assume some of his closer friends would say. But we did have the chance to chat along the way though and I had another chance to experience how extremely funny and clever he was. Carrying my guitar across Bristol to get to the venue was compensated with Cal’s genuine enthusiasm for having me there and I also felt it was the right call to trade a bit of comfort for that moment that now resonates as unique and unforgettable.

Unfortunately I missed him on my second time in Bristol in 2018 (I think he was on tour with the band), but last year our paths crossed again, when he asked me to join other cool labels in the release of Grand Collapse “Empty Plinths” with my label Epidemic Records.
An incredible album, in which Cal shows what a great vocalist and lyricist he was. I was flattered.
We’ve been in touch constantly in the last two years, working on interviews, promotion, distribution, and all the things you do when you work together on such a project.
Our distant but constant friendship turned into a tight collaboration and his infectious enthusiasm for that masterpiece of an album matched my joy to be part of this, especially after these last two years.

I am in shock today. I can’t believe he’s gone. Last time we spoke it was 10 days ago.
As I’m writing this, I probably haven’t fully realized what has just happened but I know it’s going to hurt for a long time, if not forever.
I can’t really find better words than these to let my pain out. He was a true legend, an amazing human being and a kind friend.
My love goes to his bandmates, his family and friends and everyone who had the chance to meet him. He was truly one of a kind and I feel honoured I could call him a good friend.

Goodbye Cal, you will always be one of the best.

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