Epidemic Records has a new logo!


After about 10 years, I finally decided I really needed a new, cool logo for Epidemic Records.
I was a teenage punk when I draw the old Epidemic Records logo on my computer. It seems, it was, ages ago. I didn’t know much about graphics and definitely not thinking that it would have stuck for so many years.

The old skeleton has shed his skin and it now comes back again in this new logo, created by my friend Matteo Collina at CM Graphics (https://www.facebook.com/collismindgraphics) . He did a great job and got to put together all my ideas in this super badass logo.

I remember I was probably around 16-17 years old when I first had the idea to do something to release, promote and distribute my music as well as my friends’. I actually didn’t know how it worked and how to do it, but I knew that worked this way: people in punk rock help each other.
That was enough for me to start.

But it took me a while. The first time the Epidemic Records logo appeared it was on the very first Smashrooms DIY album, a CD called “The Right And The Wrong”, recorded in 2004. I was 19 years old. We were so young and naive, but that CD helped me establish some links and friendships that still last after all these years.

Since then, Epidemic Records logo has appeared on 25 records released by bands from Italy, USA, Germany, Finland, Austria and Sweden. Some of these albums made me incredibly proud and pushed me to keep going.

What comes next, along with this new logo, is a new challenge I’m facing with the usual enthusiasm.
We’re working on a new website, with a brand e-store and distribution. It’s taking a while, it’s quite a lot of work, but I’m sure it will be great. The goal is to make it bigger and bigger.

Despite this delay, Epidemic Records is more alive than ever.
Vengeance Today “Rest In Piss” 7” has finally got out of the plant and it’s on its way to Italy.
Plus, I’m stoked to announce a new release and a new addition to the family tomorrow.

Big plans are in the making and ideas are flowing.

Thanks for your support in these (about) ten years!
The best is yet to come!

Gab // Epidemic Records

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