Discomfort / False Light – Double interview before the European Tour

After a successful US tour together last August, Discomfort and False Light are about to embark for a European tour, January 5th-15th.
It’s the first time in Europe for False Light, so we wanted to hear from both bands; looks like they are going to have a lot of fun together!

If you don’t have the chance to get their split records at one of their upcoming shows, you can order it here: https://goo.gl/IsAaRY
Check out the tour dates and make sure not to miss these two awesome live bands and super nice people!

05/01 Tetris, Trieste -ITA-
06/01 Kunstverein, Nurnberg -D-
07/01 La Zone, Liege -B-
08/01 Bambara, Groningen -NL-
10/01 Alambra, Oldenburg -D-
11/01 ZGK, Berlin -D-
12/01 Klapperfeld, Frankfurt -D-
13/01 Eastrain Fest, Lille -FR-
14/01 Cafè Decentral, Insbruck -A-
15/01 Circolo Quadro, Cittadella -ITA

Split LP full streaming:

> http://www.cvltnation.com/exclusive-full-stream-false-light-discomfort-split/
> https://www.facebook.com/Discomforthc/
> https://www.facebook.com/falselight/

Discomfort and False Light in the US last August, showing a copy of their split LP, which got to destination right in time for their tour together!

1)How was to tour the US with Discomfort / False Light?

FALSE LIGHT: Fucking great. We instantly loved those guys. The shows were great and we got to see a lot of cool cities. Cincinnati and Flint were some highlights. The hometown show in Charleston was a great start. We played to literally just the promoter in St. Louis haha.

DISCOMFORT: It was awesome! Patrick booked a very nice tour with really good shows and not many insane drives, so we got the chance to hang out a little bit in a lot of amazing US cities. They helped us out with the merchandise, as well with Mike of Black Mask, that we had the pleasure to meet and share the stage with for a few gigs; you guys have done a miracle, managing to ship the records right on time for our first gig. Everything went fucking perfect! Our bad luck must have gone somewhere…

What’s the funniest thing about the guys in Discomfort / False Light?

FALSE LIGHT:  They taught us a lot of Italian hand gestures. Just the offensive ones, of course. Also False Light would fart in the van constantly and piss them off.

DISCOMFORT: Probably a thing called Brian and his big, big, dangerous farts.

Is there any inside joke we should be aware of?

FALSE LIGHT: Tom’s American accent. “Hey, Murphy”.

DISCOMFORT: I don’t know, our level of idiocy allows us to have at least one new joke every day, and then to forget it as well

How did you guys get in touch? What if you get in touch with a band, plan a tour and then it turns out you’ve embarked with a bunch of jerks? What can you suggest to bands who want to do the same?

FALSE LIGHT:  Man, that would have been particularly shitty for us because it was 8 of us packed in the same van for three weeks. But luckily we all get along really well. Anyway, Tom emailed us about a year ago and said that they were looking to do a split with an American band. We had been inactive for a while and saw it as a good opportunity to get things going again. It’s really a gamble if you’re going to vibe well with the other band, so the only thing I can really suggest is to talk to bands that you genuinely think are good and hope for the best!

DISCOMFORT: It has already happened to us in the past! It was hard to keep it positive, but I guess we all learnt something out of that… we know we can “survive” as a band in almost every situation. Maybe it’s a good thing to check a little bit what a band has done in the past. Anyway we knew the guys in FL were great dudes way before we actually met them in the US, there has always been a good vibe about this tour since we first started talking about it.

Is there any band in your Country that sounds like False Light / Discomfort that we should check out?

FALSE LIGHT:  Our good friends in Wvrm who are also from South Carolina are badass. They are constantly releasing new material and working very hard. Great heavy grind shit.

DISCOMFORT: That’s a tough one. We’ve got a lot of good grind bands in Italy, but more on the metallic side i’d say. I can’t think of a band that mixes grind and hardcore as well as the guys in FL do to be honest, so if you know one let me know!

What do you expect from this European tour? Have you ever been to the places you’re going to play?

FALSE LIGHT:  None of us have ever been to Europe before, so we don’t really have any expectations! Other than to freeze our asses off. But seriously, based on how great everyone has been (Discomfort, Epidemic, Assurd, Eastrain) we expect nothing but good things. We’re excited to play the shows, but equally excited to see that part of the world for the first time.

DISCOMFORT: What do you expect from this European tour? Have you ever been to the places you’re going to play?
We all have little expectation in life in general… but I’m positive this tour’s gonna be fun! We’re visiting a lot of friends we met on the road before, playing venues we already had fun in the past, but we’re also playing some sick new places we’ve never been before, so we’re pretty pumped about this in general.

Tell us about the split you guys released together. How’s the feedback? Are you personally satisfied with it?

FALSE LIGHT:  People seem to enjoy it. All of the labels kicked major ass with everything. It is by far our best recorded material yet. And probably my favorite Discomfort songs. Their side is so fucking good. We were a little nervous about being cut on the same wax as them!

DISCOMFORT: People listened the record and feedbacks have been good so far. For once we can and should be proud and satisfied by the results of this split, you have been in bands yourself and I think you know well the sensation we feel about those tiny things we could have done better… Next time!

Describe your counterparts’ sound with a word.

FALSE LIGHT: Laceration


Alright, we wish you all the best for your European tour together! Any final word goes here!

FALSE LIGHT:  Infinite thank you to everyone who made this record possible. Discomfort, Epidemic Records, Headfirst! Records, Assurd Records, Eastrain Records, Kris Hilbert, and Ethan from Primitive Man, Servadio. We would love to work with everyone again in the future. And thanks for the interview!

DISCOMFORT: See you all on the road amig*s!

Discomfort/False Light Split 12″ is available at Epidemic Records E-store. www.epidemicrecords.net/store

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