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Jaguero release New Love EP and collect their discography on vinyl

Italy’s Jaguero return with a new EP, titled “New Love,” out digitally Friday, Sept. 29, on Epidemic Records, which is concurrently releasing a limited edition on colored vinyl that includes the debut EP (Worst Weekend Ever) and the new EP, bringing Jaguero’s music to physical format for the first time.



After garnering acclaim with their debut EP “Worst Weekend Ever,” Jaguero (a band born from the collaboration of members of bands such as Regarde, Slander and La Fortuna) have consolidated their creative and musical identity in a new concentrated 5-track EP, which includes elements of recall with the predecessor and points of break and opening to new horizons, making the organic of their discography, as of today available on “self titled” vinyl, varied and solid at the same time.

New Love EP has a specific direction in the evocative imagery created by the band. In the hustle and bustle of daily life, where routine becomes the norm and responsibilities overwhelm us, we often get lost in the labyrinth of our memories. It is in these moments of reverie that Jaguero’s EP “New Love” comes to life, offering a simple soundtrack to the existence of the common man. This EP, the second chapter in the band’s musical evolution, delves into our human experience, where emotions are intertwined with the present.

On this new release, the band adds:
“The New Love EP is another small collection of songs about the narrative of life’s ups and downs. Each track resonates with our own experiences, offering a glimpse into the average human being. Thanks to Epidemic Records, the New Love EP will be promoted in the United States and Europe, carrying one simple message: as life swells and recedes, we will constantly improve and become better ourselves.”

You can listen to the EP and order the vinyl at this link:



Gab De La Vega and the Open Cages leaving on the “Road to the Next Chapter Tour” across Europe

Gab De La Vega is back on the road and he’s taking his band with him. He’s leaving on tour in September for what is announced to be his “Road to the Next Chapter Tour”, hitting stages across Italy, Slovenia, Austria and Germany.

One year after performing full band at Frank Turner’s Lost Evenings Festival in Berlin, the singer-songwriter is taking the Open Cages back on the road for a series of shows that are intended as a transition between the “Beyond Space And Time” tours (based in his latest full length album, released in 2020) and a not-so-distant future, when Gab De La Vega is releasing his forth studio album, which is yet to be officially announced.

Gab De La Vega says:
“Beyond Space And Time was released weeks before the whole world was about to change. It was a challenging time for everyone and for me as an independent artist, it was the toughest test. Yet, I was able to take this album on tour across Europe and Canada, with countless shows that reminded me why I do this and why it matters so much to me. I played some cool full band shows, not as many as I wanted for obvious reasons and many were solo performances, which I still love.
What the future holds is my fourth album, which is probably the best music I’ve created so far and which will see the light at some point in early 2024. This tour is a passage between two albums, two eras in my music career. Being able to do this with my good friends and bandmates in the Open Cages is a privilege and I can’t wait for that!”

Gab De La Vega and The Open Cages will perform live here:

08.09.23 – San Donà (Italy) – Garage Guinguette
09.09.23 – Nova Gorica (Slovenia) – Mostovna
10.09.23 – Vienna (Austria) – Venster99
12.09.23 – Berlin (Germany) – Franken Bar
13.09.23 – Aachen (Germany) – Raststätte
14.09.23 – Solingen (Germany) – Waldmeister
15.09.23 – Trier (Germany) – Plan K

Demons of Tomorrow

Perfect Texture live at Lost Evenings Festival

Jaguero release “All I Think About,” the second single from the upcoming EP

Italy’s Jaguero are back with new music, creating the soundtrack to this scorching summer. After “New Love,” title track from the new EP out on Epidemic Records, it’s the turn of “All I Think About,” a track that brings the balances back within the band’s sounds, after the knockout hook unleashed with the very powerful “New Love.”


“All I Think About” features elements fans of the debut EP “Worst Weekend Ever” loved but also many new ideas, which blend spontaneously and convincingly into a captivating track.

Fans of the band will rejoy to the news: The new EP “New Love” and its predecessor “Worst Weekend Ever” will be released in a stylish version on colored vinyl limited to 300 copies, curated by Epidemic Records, which is taking care of pre-orders in these weeks:

Regarding the single, the band explains in detail what “All I Think About” represents to them:
“This song is a reflection on the challenges of adult life and the lingering influence of our adolescence as we grapple with the complexities of growing up, moving on and finding our place in the world.
This single tells of the experiences that shaped us during our adolescence, acknowledging the struggles and uncertainties of that time, while also emphasizing the sense of possibility and excitement that comes with youth and discovery.
The lyrics show two vivid images: our more childlike side, which does not want to grow up and faces everything head-on, and our adult side, which tries to forget the child that will always be inside us.
This song is a dive into our experience, emphasizing the importance of embracing our past while looking to the future with hope and optimism. It speaks to anyone who has ever felt the weight of adult responsibilities while still cherishing the memories and dreams of their youth.”

“All I Think About” is available on all major digital platforms:
The EP will see the light of day in September. Preorders of the vinyl will continue until the release and include 4 exclusive bundles.

Jaguero return with single “New Love” anticipating new EP

Following their incredible debut EP “Worst Weekend Ever,” the Italian band Jaguero return with a new single, “New Love,” a powerful and intense track that serves as the opener to their new self-titled EP.


In this track Jaguero translate a spectrum of strong and pulsating emotions into sound, in a cathartic effort that gives depth to the song beyond the music and lyrics.

New Love is an emotional anthem about the difficulties in overcoming a toxic relationship, highlighting the confusion and discomfort of living in a now damaging and destructive relationship.
With this single, Jaguero tell a story that could resonate in the hearts of many. So many people have experienced manipulation, gaslighting or emotional abuse in their past, forgetting the importance of self-care, self-love and their own healing.

The band comments:
“This song is about the strength and courage to let go of someone who is no longer good for us. We need to acknowledge the fear and uncertainty that comes from breaking up with someone we love, thus celebrating the liberation and empowerment that comes from finally standing up for ourselves and our well-being.”

The single picks up the legacy of the highly successful “Worst Weekend Ever” and lays the groundwork for the new EP, titled precisely “New Love,” which establishes continuity in the collaboration with Epidemic Records. The EP will be released later this summer.

Jaguero add:
“With New Love we gave air to our musically more aggressive side, while still trying to maintain redundant melodies throughout the song. It is one of the 5 souls that make up the new EP, with which we tried to carry on the basic idea of our first release: there are no rules or genres, we only ever play what we like.”

“New Love” is available on all major digital platforms:


Epidemic Records

Gab De La Vega: a handful of solo shows this spring

From Gab De La Vega:
A handful of solo shows coming up! I am preparing the release of the new album and a few other interesting things, these are some of the shows I will be playing before then. It starts Friday at Arci Bellezza in Milan with Le Capre a Sonagli and Giuditta. I’m looking forward to seeing you there!

31.03 – Milan, Arci Bellezza w/ Le Capre a Sonagli, Giuditta
14.04 – Rodengo Saiano, Alberodonte w/ Greg Rekus, Simone Riccobelli
15.04 – Castiglione D.S, Mondo Bizarro Fest w/ Bad Frog, Animols, Slang Poor Kids, Menagramo, Greg Rekus
16.04 – Verona, Paratodos w/ Greg Rekus
22.04 – Passirano, Curtense w/ Gli Ultimi, Riccobellis
29.04 – Martinengo, Comics Bar w/ Rossodannata

As usual: merch and records available at shows or if you want to get yourself some goodies and support my music and tours!

Jaguero: spring tour dates announced.

The italian band Jaguero has just announced a series of shows for this spring:

17.03 Modena, La Tenda
25.03  Milano, Ghisolfa
07.04 Marghera, Rivolta
29.04 Cagliari, La Cueva Rock
21.05 Mezzago, Bloom
27.05 Genova, Adescite Fest
10.06 Roma, Init
17.06 Zurich, Obenuse Fest

Listen to their “Worst Weekend Ever” EP

Gab De La Vega announces final shows in Italy in 2022

The year that is coming to a close has been a busy time for Gab De La Vega with many shows and tours, including Canada, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands and Belgium. Many acoustic gigs but also important full band concerts, such as the first three dates with The Open Cages in Germany, including Frank Turner’s Lost Evenings Festival in Berlin last September. It was a year that heralded a return to almost normal rhythms for the singer-songwriter, although so far only three concerts in Italy have filled his calendar: a solo date in his hometown Brescia at a charity festival in support of Emergency, a full band show at Bocciodromo di Vicenza with Laura Jane Grace (Against Me!) and a solo gig at Bloom di Mezzago with Canadians PUP.

But December is here, and publishing the last shows of the year he writes: “It seemed right to close this incredible 2022 with a few gigs in Italy! Eight solo concerts, hope to see you here for greetings and hugs before the end of the year! As usual: sharing is caring! Tell your friends and come and hang out!”

The last live shows of 2022 will be:
04.12 – Bergamo, Daste
09.12 – Noale, Lighthouse Pub
10.12 – Trieste, Germinal
11.12 – Gorizia, 4:20
15.12 – Genoa, Flamingo Records
16.12 – Alba, La Cadrega
17.12 – Rivolta D’Adda – Arci Il Sole
23.12 – Vicenza, Lucky Brews



WATCH “I WANT TO BREAK FREE” (Live in Toronto):


Gab De La Vega has released three albums, two 7 “s and a handful of singles. Over the years, he has toured extensively in Europe (more than 20 countries, including two UK tours) and has also touched the US East Coast, Canada (three times) and South America.
He has done big gigs and small gigs, sharing the stage with artists such as Frank Turner, Against Me!, Laura Jane Grace, PUP, Chuck Ragan, Joey Cape, Kevin Seconds (7 Seconds), Austin Lucas, Ceremony, H2O and many others.
In 2022 he recorded his fourth studio album, which will see the light of day in 2023.



After his full band appearance at Frank Turner’s Lost Evenings Festival at Columbia Theater last September and two more shows in the South, singer-songwriter Gab De La Vega is returning to Germany for a handful of solo shows!

WATCH THE VIDEO: Live at Lost Evenings V, Berlin

Gab De La Vega has toured Germany multiple times, he always says that’s one of favourite places to tour, in fact he toured solo in May, full band in September and now solo again.

Coming back to Germany three times in a year can only confirm that statement.

Born in Brescia (Italy), Citizen of the World: he does everything to take his music wherever he can. Throughout the years he toured Europe extensively (more than 20 countries, including two UK tours) and he also hit the US East Coast, Canada (three times) and South America.
He played small shows and big shows, sharing the stage with artists such as Frank Turner, Against Me!, Laura Jane Grace, PUP, Chuck Ragan, Joey Cape, Kevin Seconds (7 Seconds), Austin Lucas, Ceremony, H2O and many more.

In 2022 he toured Europe, with shows in Austria, Germany, Netherlands and Belgium, played full band with Laura Jane Grace (Against Me!) in Italy and embarked on his third tour in Canada, with 22 shows between Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.

He opened a show for the Canadian band PUP just recently and last but not least, he appeared full band at Frank Turner’s Lost Evenings Festival in Berlin, upon the British singer-songwriter’s invitation as well as at two other shows with The Open Cages in Southern Germany.

He’s just finished recording his fourth album, which is coming out in 2023.

His solo tour includes also an exclusive Berlin show at legendary Coretex Records in Kreuzberg.

These are the dates:

23.11.22 DE Quedlinburg, Reiche
24.11.22 DE Hannover, Nordstadtbraut
25.11.22 DE Hamburg, The Irish Rover
26.11.22 DE Berlin, Coretex Records
27.11.22 DE Cottbus, Galerie Fango

WATCH THE VIDEO “We Could Be Anything” (acoustic single)


Video: "Demons of Tomorrow":
Video: "We Could Be Anything":
Video: "Perfect Texture":
Video: "YYZ":
Video: "I Want Nothing":

Gab De La Vega and The Open Cages, first time full band in Germany

After a 22 show solo tour across Canada, Gab De La Vega is about to embark on his very first full band adventure in Germany.
The first stop will be at Frank Turner’s Lost Evenings Festival in Berlin on September 15
The British musician personally invited Gab and his band after they opened a show for him and the Sleeping Souls in 2019.

Two other shows will be in Southern Germany.
Listen to “Beyond Space And Time” on all digital platforms:
Records and merch at

15.09 Berlin, Lost Evenings Festival
16.09 Karlsruhe, Cafe Nun
17.09 Schwäbisch Gmünd, Esperanza

FIERCE return live at Festa di Radio Onda d’Urto! August 14th!

FIERCE are coming back live with a killer new lineup! And they will do it on the Tenda Blu stage at the Radio Onda d’Urto Festival in Brescia!
Aug. 14, Sunday at the festival area on Via Serenissima, as part of one of the biggest events of the summer.
After the main stage live show with Helikon, In.Si.Dia and Angelus Apatrida is over, Fierce will perform a fiery live show on the Tenda Blu stage! Not to be missed!


There are still very few copies of their album “Eclipses From The Duat” available! You can find them here:


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