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Due to the incredibly increased costs of shippings outgoing from Italy, Epidemic Records is forced to stop trading for a while.
We still don’t know when we will be able to restore the trades. The only thing we know is that we’ll find a solution to be able to trade releases with foreign labels again.

Please keep an eye out on to learn about any updates on this issue.

If you have a label and you want to trade (or buy wholesale) Epidemic Records releases, get in touch anyway. We will sort out something.

As soon as the trades will be restored, we will provide do deliver Epidemic Records releases also to our distributors in the US, so that fans of Raindance and Painted Wolves, our most recent releases, will have the chance to find those records with cheaper shipping costs.

Sorry for the inconvenience and the delay. It’s not our responsability.
Good news (hopefully) coming soon, we’re working on it!

Epidemic Records

PAINTED WOLVES – UNHOLY 7″ out on Epidemic Records!

New release for Epidemic Records, first in 2012! Introducing PAINTED WOLVES, with members of Death Is Not Glamorous, Anchor, Dead Vows, 8 Days Of Nothing and The Smackdown is an amazing band, probably your next favourite band soon!

Here’s a statement from Painted Wolves, new comers in the Epidemic Records family. No words for this, I’m stoked!

We’re absolutely stoked to announce that our debut 7″ entitled “Unholy” will see the light of day this month through Italy’s Epidemic Records.

“Unholy” is a four-song-tribute to the tradition of punk, jeansvests, headbanging and middle fingers high in the air.
Sleep on this and live a life of regret.

PAINTED WOLVES is four long-time friends united in the name of the night, the riff and the horns. A wild animal, untamable in their collective lust to salute and further explore genuine rock music.

The members have done time in DEATH IS NOT GLAMOROUS, ANCHOR, DEAD VOWS, 8 DAYS OF NOTHING, THE SMACKDOWN and many more.


The record is pressed in 300 copies and it’s available: epidemicrecords(at)

Painted Wolves
Painted Wolves – pic by Marc Gaertner

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