Epidemic Records welcomes Swedish Crust / Metal Punks FREDAG DEN 13:E

The Scandicrust institution known as Fredag den 13:e was formed in Gothenburg/Sweden back in 2006.

The five guys had met through local punk shows and decided to combine the raw power of Swedish punk acts like Anti Cimex and Mob47 with the rock n roll feel of Poison Idea and Motörhead. After the first 7” was released in 2007 the band have to this day released three full length albums – ’Under Iskalla Fanor’ (2010), ’Tjugohundratretton’ (2013) and ’Domedagar’ (2015). The most recent album received numerous of great reviews and were nominated for best Swedish punk/hardcore album at Manifestgalan in Stockholm, 2016. The band have also released two split 7”, participated on various compilations and toured all over Europe,  for more than ten years. They have supported legendary Swedish bands like Entombed and Wolfbrigade, as well as fellow contemporary acts like Victims and Totalt Jävla Mörker.

After ten years in Fredag den 13:e, former lead singer Anders decided to leave the band in 2016. He gave his thoughts on the exit in an interview the very same year: “D.I.Y-premisses have taken us to places and people, which I never would have seen or met without the band. During the years we have also developed a sound that I’m very proud of. The core has always been driven d-beat, but our influences very various. Along with that we have, at least in my opinion, always managed to put our own edge to it.”

The new vocalist G, formerly in bands like Dead Vows and Painted Wolves, joined the band in 2016 and started touring right away. At the very same time the band started writing music for a new album that was recorded in the winter of 2017 with Icos/Monachus-guitarist Oscar Karlsson behind the production. ”I think this period of songwriting is the most productive one we have ever had”, lead guitarist Jacob explains. ”We had so much ideas that we for the first time actually could save some songs from the recording session, and we still have like 20 riffs for another album. And they are all killers!”

The new album ‘Dystopisk Utsikt’ contains 11 fierce tracks in the same style as their previous albums – the mix of riffs hailing from the last 30 years of rock music. In the opening track ‘Plågad Av Ljuset’ you will hear fragments of the Gothenburg death sound made famous by At The Gates, followed by raging d-beat in ’1984′. The rock n roll-feel of Poison Idea hits the listener in ‘Av Skuld Och Skam’ and the HC-breakdowns are lined up in ‘Dödad Av Tid’. You will also hear fragments of Scandinavian black metal in riffs like ‘Orsak Föder Orsak’. Lead singer G explains the idea behind the lyrics on the album: “The lyrics are not thematic like on their last album ’Domedagar’ where the leitmotif was the end of the world, but on ”Dystopisk Utsikt” (which means ‘Dystopian View’) most of the lyrics involves the disgust towards religion, fascism and oppression that have risen all over the world during 16/17. Songs like ‘Fängslad Mentalt’, which translates ‘Mentally Imprisoned’, is about the constant fears living as a refugee and ‘Är Du Hora Eller Gud?’ (‘Are You A Whore Or God?) about sexual harassments that was made public by the #metoo movement.”

The release is a co-op between Alerta Antifascista (Germany), Halvfabrikat (Sweden), Deviance (France), Epidemic (Italy) and EveryDayHate (Poland) and is released on 200 limited edition gatefold-LP with poster, 800 black gatefold-LP, CD and digital download. The album will also be available on all streaming sites in June 2018.

Idioteq.com revelaed ‘Plågad Av Ljuset’, first single out of the album, which you can listen at this link: https://goo.gl/ms3h38

DISCOMFORT leaving on tour with MESSA and their new album “Fear”

DISCOMFORT is embarking on a tour with their friends in Messa. Both bands have new albums out and they can’t wait for you to listen to these new songs.

Taking inspiration from the most savage aspects of extreme music, from early black metal, raw hardcore and grimy sludge DISCOMFORT are not afraid to put everything all together in their cauldron. After this first release, Discomfort immediately started an intense live activity both in Europe and U.S.. In March 2015 the band recorded their second ep “Worst” and in July 2016 they get in touch with False Light from South Carolina and joined paths by releasing a 12 “split record. Their new album “FEAR” is out now and available at their merch table (black vinyl) or at Epidemic Records E-store (limited vinyl, purple) as well as on all digital platforms.

Vinyl / CD: https://goo.gl/IsAaRY
Spotify: https://goo.gl/PzbhHP
Itunes: https://goo.gl/oPpYco
Bandcamp: https://goo.gl/M1u6mm

MESSA play evoking doom metal with a dark jazz twist. Deliciously haunting female vocals, rhodes piano and 70’s fuzz guitars combine to conjure a sound that is all of their own. With influences as diverse as Windhand, Bohren Und Der Club Of Gore, The Devil’s Blood, Jex Thoth, Angelo Badalamenti, Bellwitch, Urfaust, John Coltrane and Aluk Todolo, the band has moved from the droning occult doom of their first LP ‘Belfry’ to a new, darker and more atmospheric approach clearly showcased in their new record ‘Feast for Water’, a concept album centered on the introspective, symbolic and ritual features of the liquid element.

18/05 TURIN – Takajasu
19/05 MONTPELLIER – Kjibi
20/05 BARCELONA – Freedonia
21/05 TOULOUSE – Les Pavillons Sauvages
22/05 NANTES – La Scène Michelet
23/05 LILLE – La Malterie
24/05 BERLIN – Wolf City Festival
25/05 LEIPZIG – Giesser 16
26/05 PRAGUE – Eternia Smichov
27/05 LJUBLJANA – Toverna Rog

Post-everything band JOLIETTE to release new music via Epidemic Records. Summer tour in Europe.

Joliette is one of the most active and acknowledge acts from Mexico, with fans on both sides of the Atlantic. Their sound includes elements of post-hardcore, screamo, math-rock, metal and other punk influences, in a “mezcla” the band defines as “Post-Everything”.

They’ve just recently released a split tape with Frameworks (Deathwish Inc), but they haven’t put out unreleased music for a while… until now.

Epidemic Records is working with the band put out a brand new 7” with two brand new tracks.
Official release date is set on May 31

The band is gearing up for a very long European tour, to start on June 1, which includes appearances at festivals such as Fluff Fest, Exit Festival, Downpour Zine Fest, SwampFestas, Jena Open Air, FFUD Fest, Sick As We Are Fest, CMAR Fest and shows with Birds In Row, Clowns, Bastos, Rutka Laskier, Carnero, June Paik, Amygdala, Loma Prieta and more.

Preorders for this new 7” are going to be up May 9th, along with a preview.

Epidemic Records is teaming up with Deathwish Inc to make preorders available in North / Central / South America via their website. Europe and Rest of the World is going to be served by Epidemic Records with very cheap shipping options worldwide.

While digital will be available on release date, physical copies will be available on tour starting from June 19th

Speaking of tour: some dates are still available. Promoters can get in touch with Flix Agency here.
Keep an eye out on Joliette and Epidemic Records pages for announcements and news.

Tour Dates:


1 London, UK @ DIY Space for London

2 Centerbury, UK @ UCA Bar

3 Bristol, UK @ tba

4 opened date for a show

5 Glasgow, UK @ Nice’N’Sleazy

6 Hull,UK @ Gorilla Studios

7 Norwich, UK @ tba

8 Lille, FR @ tba

9 opened date for a show

10 opened date for a show

12 Stockholm, SWE @ Kafé 44

13 Uppsala, SWE @ Ungdomens Hus

14 Gothenburg, SWE @ Sekten

15 Odense, DK @ Teater Momentum

16 opened date for a show

17 Strasbourg, FR @ Kawati Studio Fest

18 Lyon, FR @ Le Farmer w/ Birds In Row

19 Milan, IT @ Circolo Svolta w/ Birds In Row

20 Bolzano, IT @ tba

21 opened date for a show

22 Viareggio, IT @ G.O.B.

23 Crema, IT @ Secret Show

24 opened for a show

25 Zurich, CH @ Dynamo

26 Stuttgart, DE @ Juha West

27 Geneva, CH @ La Makhno (L’Usine)

28 Dijon, FR @ Les Tanneries II

29 Versmold, DE @ Cry Me A River Fest


1 Dortmund, DE @ Nordpol

2 opened date for a show

3 Leipzig, DE @ tba

4 opened date for a show

5 Kaunas, LT @ tba

6 Riga, LV @ tba

7 Ziurai, LT @ SwampFestas

8 Warsaw, PL @ tba

9 opened for a show

10 opened for a show

11 Budapest, HU @ Under Budapest

12 Novi Sad, SER @ Exit Festival

13 Targu Mures, ROM @ atelier 2.0 w/ Bastos

14 Brasov, ROM @ tba w Bastos

15 Bucharest, ROM @ Under w/ Bastos and Rutka Laskier*

16 Sofia, BUL @ Grindhouse Skateboard Club *

17 opened for a show*

18 Sombor, SER @ Garden show *

19 Veszprém,HU @ PANKTERASZ III Fest *

20 Maribor, SLO @ the park of pekarna *

21 Zupanja, CR @ Sick As We Are Festival *

22 Zagreb, CR @ AKC Attack*

23 Gornja Radgona, SLO @ Mladinski center Gornja Radgona *

24 opened for a show *

25 Bern, CH @ ISC Club Bern w/ Clowns

26 Kreuzlingen, CH @ Horst Klub *

27-29 Rokycany, CZ @ Fluff Fest

30 Prague, CZ @ After Fluff


1 opened for a show w/ Walk The Plank **

2 opened for a show **

3 Hamburg, DE @ Downpour Zine Festival

4 Jena, DE @ Open Air Fest in Jena

5 Hainsfarth, DE @ Open Air Matinee Show **

6 opened for a show

7 Liege, BE @ tba

8 opened for a show

9 Regensburg, DE @ Secret Show

10 Sered, SLO @ FFUD FEST

* Rutka Laskier (Czechia) https://rutkalaskier.bandcamp.com/

** Walk The Plank (USA) https://walktheplank.bandcamp.com/album/cemetery-vacation-12-2017

Band Info: https://www.facebook.com/joliettemx/

Epidemic Records: https://www.facebook.com/epidemicrecordshc


I Joliette sono una delle band Messicane più attive e riconosciute, con fan su entrambe le sponde dell’Atlantico. Il loro suono include elementi post-hardcore, screamo, math-rock, metal e altre influenze punk, in una “mezcla” che la band definisce come “Post-Everything”.

Hanno recentemente pubblicato una cassetta split con i Frameworks (Deathwish Inc), ma da tempo non pubblicano musica inedita… fino ad oggi.

Epidemic Records è al lavoro con la band per pubblicare un nuovissimo 7″ con due tracce inedite.
Data ufficiale di uscita, il 31 Maggio.

La band si sta apprestando ad arrivare in Europa per un lunghissimo tour, che inizierà il 1 Giugno, che include partecipazioni a festival come Fluff Fest, Exit Festival, Downpour Zine Fest, SwampFestas, Jena Open Air, FFUD Fest, Sick As We Are Fest, CMAR Fest e concerti con Birds In Row, Clowns, Bastos, Rutka Laskier, Carnero, June Paik, Amygdala, Loma Prieta e altri.

Preorders per questo nuovo 7” partiranno il 9 Maggio, accompagnati da un’anteprima.

Epidemic Records collaborerà con Deathwish Inc per la gestione dei preorder in Nord / Centro / Sud America, tramite il loro sito. Europa e Resto del Mondo saranno invece seguiti direttamente da Epidemic Records, con opzioni di spedizioni accessibili per tutte le destinazioni.

Mentre il digitale sarà disponibile a partire dalla data d’uscita,  le copie fisiche saranno disponibili in tour a partire dal 19 Giugno.

A proposito di tour: alcune date sono ancora disponibili. I promoter possono contattare Flix Agency qui.
Tenete d’occhio le pagine Epidemic Records e Joliette per aggiornamenti.

Record Store WEEK! Free (Trackable) Shippings! – April 19-26


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The exclusive “10% OFF” code will be sent you via e-mail and will be usable until July 31st

WILD ANIMALS: new album “The Hoax” is coming! / Nuovo album “The Hoax” in arrivo!

Our favorite power trio is back! Wild Animals from Madrid announced a new release.
“The Hoax” is the title of this new chapter, 10 songs produced by Santi Garcia, who captured their powerful and melodic sound like never before.

The album comes out thanks to a cooperation between BCore Disc, La Agonía de Vivir and Pifia Rec Ords (Spain), Lauren Records (US), Inhumano and (of course) Epidemic Records (rest of Europe) and Waterslide Records (Japan).

1. ‘Lost in Translation’
2. ‘Science-Fiction’
3. ‘Interrupted Girl’
4. ‘Screaming in Harmony’
5. ‘Everybody Loves You When You’re Dead’
6. ‘Never Forget’
7. ‘All My Friends Are Far Away’
8. ‘Pocketful of Fears’
9. ‘Connection’
10. ‘A Fitting Way To Say Goodbye’

To celebrate this annoucement the band premiered an unreleased live video of “Sleepless Sundays’, one of their singles from thier previous album “Basements: Music To Fight Hypocrisy” (2016).

A first batch of Spanish shows has also been announced. Waiting for a European tour and a premiere from “The Hoax”. The official release date is April 27th. Welcome back Wild Animals!

11.05 – Madrid @ Moby Dick + BULLITT + DANI LLAMAS |
25.05 – Barcelona @ Begood + BULLITT + ULTIMATE FRISBEE |
26.05 – Sant Feliu de Guíxols @ Atzavara + LLACUNA + ULTIMATE FRISBEE
7-10.06 – Hamburgo (Alemania) @ Booze and Cruise Festival
23.06 – Oviedo @ Lata de Zinc + AMPLIFY + TBC
6.07 – Valencia @ Magazine + BATES MOTEL + TBC
7.07 – Castellón @ BIF festival + SEÑOR NO + FUTURO TERROR + NOT SCIENTISTS

Order “Basements: Music To Fight Hypocrisy” here!


[ITA] Il nostro power trio preferito è tornato! I Wild Animals da Madrid hanno announciato una nuova uscita.
“The Hoax” è il titolo di questo nuovo capitolo, 10 canzoni prodotte da Santi Garcia, che ha catturato il loro suono potente e melodico come mai prima.

L’album esce grazie ad una collaborazione tra BCore Disc, La Agonía de Vivir e Pifia Rec Ords (Spagna), Lauren Records (US), Inhumano e (ovviamente) Epidemic Records (resto d’Europa) e Waterslide Records (Giappone).

1. ‘Lost in Translation’
2. ‘Science-Fiction’
3. ‘Interrupted Girl’
4. ‘Screaming in Harmony’
5. ‘Everybody Loves You When You’re Dead’
6. ‘Never Forget’
7. ‘All My Friends Are Far Away’
8. ‘Pocketful of Fears’
9. ‘Connection’
10. ‘A Fitting Way To Say Goodbye’

Per festeggiare la bella notizia la band ha fatto uscire in anteprima un video inedito live di “Sleepless Sundays’, uno dei loro singoli del precedente album “Basements: Music To Fight Hypocrisy” (2016).

Anche una prima tornata di date Spagnole è stata già annunciata. Nell’attesa di un tour Europeo e di una anteprima di “The Hoax”. La data di uscita ufficiale è il 27 Aprile. Bentornati Wild Animals!

11.05 – Madrid @ Moby Dick + BULLITT + DANI LLAMAS |
25.05 – Barcelona @ Begood + BULLITT + ULTIMATE FRISBEE |
26.05 – Sant Feliu de Guíxols @ Atzavara + LLACUNA + ULTIMATE FRISBEE
7-10.06 – Hamburgo (Alemania) @ Booze and Cruise Festival
23.06 – Oviedo @ Lata de Zinc + AMPLIFY + TBC
6.07 – Valencia @ Magazine + BATES MOTEL + TBC
7.07 – Castellón @ BIF festival + SEÑOR NO + FUTURO TERROR + NOT SCIENTISTS

Ordina “Basements: Music To Fight Hypocrisy” qui!

DISCOMFORT announces their Third Album “Fear” via Epidemic Records. / Terzo album “Fear” su Epidemic Records.

[ENG] DISCOMFORT announces their Third Album “Fear” via Epidemic Records.

Discomfort has announced the release of their third album, called “Fear”.

Following their split with US False Light, “Fear” is a roaring beast of shredding riffs, harsh vocals and devastating drums.
Discomfort worked in the studio with Maurizio Baggio at La Distilleria, and cooperated with Servadio on the artwork.
This new chapter sees guest vocals of Marco Coslovich (The Secret) and also Patrick Thomas and Issy Varoumas (False Light).

The album is going to be released on vinyl and digital by Epidemic Records and release date has been set to be April 27th. Preorders will start in March.

Stay tuned… You have no idea what’s coming for you!

[ITA] DISCOMFORT annunciano il loro Terzo Album “Fear” su Epidemic Records.

I Discomfort hanno annunciato l’uscita del loro terzo album, intitolato “Fear”.

“Fear” segue lo split con gli Americani False Light ed è una belva rabbiosa fatta di riff affilatissimi, voci infernali e batteria devastante.
I Discomfort hanno lavorato in studio con Maurizio Baggio a La Distilleria e hanno cooperato con Servadio per la creazione dell’artwork.
Questo nuovo capitolo vede ospiti alla voce Marco Coslovich (The Secret) così come Patrick Thomas e Issy Varoumas (False Light).

L’album uscirà in vinile e digitale per Epidemic Records e la data d’uscita è fissata per il 27 Aprile. I Preorder partiranno a Marzo.

Restate sintonizzati… Non avete idea di cosa stia venendo a cercarvi!

Info band: https://www.facebook.com/Discomfortsquad/

Records and merch: https://www.epidemicrecords.net/store/23-discomfort

GAB DE LA VEGA, annunciate le prossime date in Italia

Gab De La Vega
, dopo il tour negli Stati Uniti e in Canada dello scorso Novembre e una breve pausa, riprende l’attività live in giro per l’Italia.
Sono state annunciate le prime date confermate fino a metà Aprile e il calendario è in continuo aggiornamento.

02.02 – Orzinuovi (BS) – Sound Garage Cafè
10.02 – Bergamo – Barrio Campagnola
23.02 – Imperia – Arci Camalli
24.02 – Torino – Belleville Comics
03.03 – Persichello (CR) – Arci Persichello
16.03 – Cagliari – Old Friend
17.03 – Olbia – Devil’s Kiss
18.03 – Sassari – Secret Show
24.03 – Pescara – Scumm
14.04 – Castiglione d.S. (MN) – Arci Dallò
15.04 – Chiuppano (VI) – Osteria Al Castello

A Settembre ha pubblicato il singolo ‘I Want Nothing’ (Epidemic Records), prodotto da Simone Piccinelli (Plan De Fuga); il brano si spinge oltre i confini del mix punk e folk acustico, con un arrangiamento completamente full band.

Tenete d’occhio la pagina Gab De La Vega per aggiornamenti circa le prossime date.

I Want Nothing è disponibile in digitale e vinile 7” (lato B: una cover di ‘Some Kinda Hate’ dei Misfits)
Spotify: https://goo.gl/aoxEkL
Itunes: https://goo.gl/WLGDN3
Vinile: https://goo.gl/w43Y4v

Pagina: https://www.facebook.com/gabdelavegamusic
Bandcamp: https://www.gabdelavega.bandcamp.com
Epidemic Records: http://www.epidemicrecords.net

Epidemic Records welcomes LA ARMADA / Epidemic Records da il benvenuto a LA ARMADA

LA ARMADA joins Epidemic Records to release their new LP in Europe!
Born in the beginning of the 2000s in Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic), this band moved to Chicago, IL in 2007.
Their new album, called “Anti-Colonial Vol.1”, out via Creep Records (US) and Epidemic Records (Europe), is a call for resistance in reaction to increased visibility and power in the hands of the “alternative right”, religious extremists and white supremacists in the United States and worldwide.
Along with the announcement, La Armada released a video for “Fire”, first single out of the album.

The band said: “The video projects the feeling of isolation and anger that this political climate can produce on those directly affected. The song is a powerhouse punk assault with a heavy Latin-infused breakdown at the end.”

They will be on tour in March with Propagandhi and Iron Chic in the United States and will come back to Europe soon, after an incredible performance at Punk Rock Holiday last year.

European Preorders will start soon via Epidemic Records E-store. >>PREORDER HERE! << The album will be released on 12″ vinyl, to be officially out on March 30th.

La Armada is a mix of wild, sharp and heavy riffs, angry vocals, irresistible breakdowns; a thrash / hardcore / punk crossover with politically meaningful lyrics.
An explosive sound, ready to detonate, for fans of: Propagandhi, Converge, Bad Brains and Sick Of It All!

Read the annoucement on Brooklyn Vegan
Band info: https://www.facebook.com/armadahardcore/


LA ARMADA entra a far parte di Epidemic Records per l’uscita del loro nuovo LP in Europa!
Nati all’inizio degli anni 2000 a Santo Domingo (Repubblica Dominicana), la band si è trasferita a Chicago (USA) nel 2007.
Il loro nuovo album, intitolato “Anti-Colonial Vol.1”, fuori per Creep Records (US) e Epidemic Records (Europa), è una chiamata alla resistenza, in risposta alla crescente visibilità e forza nelle mani dell”alternative right”, degli estremisti religiosi e dei suprematisti bianchi negli Stati Uniti e nel Mondo.
Insieme all’annuncio, La Armada ha pubblicato il video di “Fire”, primo singolo estratto dall’album.

La band ha detto: “Il video proietta il sentimento di isolamento e rabbia che questo clima politico produce su coloro che ne sono direttamente influenzati. La canzone è un concentrato di rabbia punk con breakdown dai riflessi tipicamente Latinos.”

Saranno in tour a Marzo con Propagandhi e Iron Chic negli Stati Uniti e torneranno presto in Europa, dopo un’incredibile performance al Punk Rock Holiday dell’anno scorso.

I Preorder Europei inizieranno presto, tramite l’E-store Epidemic Records. >>PREORDER HERE! <<  L’album sarà pubblicato su vinile 12″ ed uscirà ufficialmente il 30 Marzo.

La Armada propone un mix di riff selvaggi, affilati e pesanti, voci rabbiose e breakdown irresistibili; un crossover thrash / hardcore / punk con testi politicamente significativi.
Un suono esplosivo, pronto alla detonazione, per fan di: Propagandhi, Converge, Bad Brains e Sick Of It All!

Leggi l’annuncio su Brooklyn Vegan
Band info: https://www.facebook.com/armadahardcore/


MY TURN: European Tour in February / Tour Europeo a Febbraio


My Turn has announced the dates for their tour in February! / I My Turn hanno annunciato le date del loro tour di Febbraio!

15.02 Cassiopeia | Berlin
16.02 Bandhaus | Leipzig
17.02 Gangviertel | Hamburg
18.02 AJZ | Erfurt
19.02 P8 | Karlsruhe Backbite Records release show
20.02 looking for a show
21.02 Don’t Panic | Essen
22.02 Haus Oestreich | Castrop-Rauxel
23.02 Sonic Ballroom | Cologne
24.02 Kombi | Nünchritz

Listen and get their Self Titled LP at shows or here / Ascolta e prendi una copia del loro Self Titled LP ai concerti o qui:
Spotify: https://goo.gl/UDXFSZ
Itunes: https://goo.gl/TUoq7H
Vinyl: https://goo.gl/Htl8L0

Band’s page: https://www.facebook.com/MyTurnHC/

Tour Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/213648425847235/


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